Can Sinus Irrigation Help With Chronic Sinus and Allergy Conditions?

Sinus irrigation is a method of cleaning out the nasal cavity that has been used for centuries. It involves flushing out the nose with warmed salt water, sometimes with other ingredients added. This clears the nose of accumulated bacteria, debris and mucus and can help a person to breathe better and helps to fight allergies. Doctors are now championing the use of sinus irrigation to their patients who suffer from illnesses that stem from the nose. So why do doctor’s support sinus irrigation?

To begin with this irrigation does not involve the use of any medication. This makes it ideal for anyone who suffers from side effects from taking various allergy medication. Today, some doctors like to offer their patients an alternative to prescription drugs if possible.

Sinus irrigation is also quick to perform once a person has mastered how to do it. This means that a patient can treat themselves in their own home without the need to visit the doctor. Whilst rinsing out the nose can be tricky to start with after a few tries a person can do it with ease.

In addition to the above facts irrigation actually works well to reduce the symptoms of allergies. This is good news for anyone who has had limited success with prescription pills or medication for their allergies. People who suffer from dry and itchy noses can also get relief from sinus irrigation and this can make them feel much more comfortable.

Now you can see why doctors support sinus irrigation. It is easy to perform, works well to treat allergies and does not require visits to the doctor’s office to have it done. On top of all this it is also cheap and does not cost the patient a lot of money, so it is a great choice all round.

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Jill St. Cloud writes about sinus and nasal irrigation for relief from allergy symptoms and chronic sinus problems.


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