The Perks of Using Dog Steps for Beds

You’re snuggled nice and warm under your comforter, dreaming that you’ve just gotten supernatural powers and you’re exploring the fun of running super fast…when suddenly you’re jarred awake by your dog had pouncing onto your bed. –Ignoring the part about the super powers, does this sound familiar to you? It’s great to have a fuzzy pooch to snuggle with during the night time, but sometimes it’s hard to overlook your annoyance at the dog for pouncing onto the bed while you sleep.

For the most part, most of us don’t actually mind letting our dog sleep with us, but dogs don’t sleep in one spot all night long. Dogs are naturally inclined to protect the people they love, which may include a few nightly prowls around the house to make sure things are okay. In fact, your dog likely jumps on and off of the bed several times throughout the night, which is enough to leave you at your last straw if you’re a light sleeper. However, you should rest assured that there is a solution that can make both you and your dog have a happy night, and that’s by the use of dog steps for beds.

The main problem with your sleeping arrangement is the jerking sensation when your dog jumps off of and onto the bed, right? Dog steps make it easier for your dog to move between the bed and the floor with very little disturbance. Most dog stairs come in a carpeted finish, too, so you don’t even have to worry about his nails clicking on the steps and waking you up.

Now that you are aware of the comfort that dog steps for beds can bring you, you should also know that they can play a major role in preventing your dog from developing serious conditions such as arthritis later on in life. Yep, dogs can acquire joint issues with age just like we can. Large breeds of dog are already susceptible to hip dysplasia and arthritis, and small dogs can actually break body parts from landing improperly from a jump.

Now that you see the JOINT advantages (pun intended!) to purchasing dog steps for beds, you just need to make sure that you purchase the appropriate height of stairs for your bed. Getting stairs that are too short or tall for your bed will hardly make a difference if your dog has to jump to and from the stairs. So just make sure that you get the measurements from the floor to the top of your bed’s mattress. Best of luck with your “new” sleeping arrangement!

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