Dog Jewellery

Jewellery is something that people wear all of the time and many people will wear it all day everyday and even when they are sleeping. However all of this Celtic jewellery, silver jewellery and mens Jewellery is fine when it is on humans but when you start to buy it for your pets you are just taking it too far. Why is jewellery so popular within the pet world, why are people so interested in buying jewellery for them?

A big reason is actually to do with how they think the pet is going to look. The funny thing is that if you were to spot a dog in jewellery walking around you would burst out laughing because it is is just so silly. Jewellery is certainly not supposed to be worn by animals and really can cause them some serious harm, what if it falls off and they try to eat it.

It should also be noted that animals have right in the same way that humans do and if someone catches the animal looking like it doesn’t want to wear any of the nonsense then they can report it to the RSPCA who may actually take the animal off of you and even take you to court over treating the animal in a bad way.

The majority of people do not do this and it is really only wealthy people like Paris Hilton who thinks it is okay to put her dog into her handbag and carry it around with her all of the time. Her animal barely even looks like a canine at all.

The bigger dogs are able to bite, bark and push the jewellery off of them if they do not like it but the problem is that the smaller dogs cannot do this in anway at all.

So there you have it, best bet is to decide for yourself.

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