Rabbit Food Varieties

The typical diet for a pet rabbit consists of water, hay, pellets and fresh vegetables. When it comes to fruit, it is important that this is only given on an occasional basis, as they can be bad for your rabbit’s health.   Rabbits require a constant water supply as they dehydrate quickly. Now lets look at some more information to guide you in the right direction with your rabbit food.


Many rabbits get fed pellets which can be bought from a variety of different outlets…you may even want to try looking online for a good deal. An interesting fact is that pellets were once primarily used by the breeders who needed inexpensive food.


Hay is essential for the health of all rabbits. Rabbits sometimes have digestive problems, but as long as there is enough hay in the hutch, they are sure to stay much healthier. As well as this, hay is also full of vitamins which your rabbit needs. Rabbits enjoy chewing on hay, and always having hay available for the rabbit may reduce its tendency to chew on other items.


Rabbit food also comes in the form of treats.   Don’t overdo the treats though, as they are bad in large quantities. In pet stores, you will often find that a lot of the treats are full of carbs and high in sugar. So, if you really want to treat your rabbit, you should feed them fruit.

Here is a helpful list of just some of the fruits that are best to feed your rabbit: Peach, Banana and Pineapple…and bear in mind that any seeds should eb taken out before giving it to your pet.

As previously mentioned, all fruits and treats should be just that; a treat and not an everyday feeding ritual. A good tip is to make sure that the rabbit’s diet doesn’t consist of any more than ½  a tablespoon of treats each day. Just make sure your rabbit doesn’t get more than half a tablespoon of treats a day.

Just like with humans though, fruits don’t digest quickly, so don’t give fruit to your rabbit who is under 4 months old. The worst case scenario is when fruit can cause enteritis which can be deadly in a very short space of time.

While a common myth that rabbits should be given lettuce, this is not a good idea because it contains little to no nutritional value for the rabbit and again can cause enteritis, which leads to a quick death.

Cecal pellets

Do not be alarmed if you see your rabbit eat some of his faeces.   What many people don’t realise is that these faeces are called ‘cecal’ pellets and rabbits get a lot nutritional value from eating them. A rabbit needs to stay healthy, and cecal pellets help to give your bunny a good supply of vitamin B12. Due to the design of the rabbit’s digestive system, they cannot extract some vitamins and minerals directly from their food, so that is why they eat faeces. If you have never had a bunny before, this can seem a bit weird, but be assured that it is normal.

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