Be Able To Tell There is Something Wrong with Your Pet Bird

Ever came home or work up in the morning and noticed something different about your pet bird? If you sense there is something wrong, don’t ignore it but rather take this matter seriously before it is too late.

But how can you tell that there is something wrong with your pet bird? Well, a thorough observation always works and here is what you should watch out for.

Birds have droppings and if these are color yellow, rusty brown or tarry black, they could already be suffering from internal bleeding or something worse. If there is no change in the color find out how frequently it happens.

The feathers of the birds could also be an indicator if something is wrong especially if these are fluffed out. When this happens, it is possible that they are already suffering from respiratory problems or other disorders. If this has happened for a day, better bring in your pet bird to the vet.

If something is wrong it can be noticed by looking at the bird’s nose. If it appears to be red or shows any sign of inflammation or discharge, they could be seriously ill and bringing them to the vet may be their only hope of survival.

Looking into the eyes of the birdcan tell you if they have a problem especially if it is a cloudy or there is a discharge. It is possible that they have a muscular, nervous or respiratory disorder and you will know not the answer unless they are brought in to the clinic.

If your pet bird does not eat that much as before, it could be a sign of intestinal blockage of impaction. While looking at their plate is one way to tell you if their appetite has been reduced, you can also do the same by looking at the bottom of the cage especially the color of the droppings.

Of the many problems that can happen to your pet bird, respiratory problems are number one and you can tell immediately if they start breathing from their mouth.

Birds are very clean creatures similar to cats but if their wings look dirty, it may mean that something is already wrong.

Weight loss can also tell you there is something wrong with the bird. While their feathers may hide that, you can still check on it by taking them out of the package and weighing them on scale. You should already have an idea how much they weight in order for this to work.

Tail bobbing is another sign which can tell you if something is wrong with the bird. If you don’t know what this is, basically the tail of the bird moves up and down frequently and since this is not normal for birds, this can tell you a great deal on the physical health of your bird.

Lastly, any changes in your pet bird’s vocalization can be a good indicator something is wrong. You just have to listen to them so you know when something is different.

Your pet bird is a sensitive creature and since they cannot tell you they are sick, you have to pay attention to the signs so you can take care of the problem in its early stages.

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