Is Pet Sitting Right for Me?

What you worry about the most about your holiday, what are you going to do with our favorite pet? Being away from your dear one is so hard. Many even think it is less hurting to be separated from the kids for ten days. I know that some people think it is joyful, delightful when the spouse is away for a fortnight or so on a boys holiday, no questions on what to do and watch on the television. What pain, however, with deciding what to do with your loved one whilst you are away on leave .
What are the advantages of pet sitting? They fall into two parts, ones for you and those for your pet. You know who is the most important, so let’s start with the pet first.
Pets, particularly cats, are often worried by nature, displacing them away from their comfort zone, straight away puts them on edge, thats why using cat sitters is so popular. One isn’t surprisedusing a, through evolution these animals have had their area, which they kept to and mark with urine, to make it clear. They will fight for this area if needed. Not surprising they do not like leaving their home. How was your pet when he came home when he was in boarding? Was he dirty? Was he thinner?
Pet sitting is better, as they are in their familiar house, with favourite toy and all views, smells and noises they know.
Your pet will be looked after and fussed. The pet will not be on edge as you introduced the pet sitter to your pet.
How are you going to get the pet to the boarding home? Another trip, another expense. You know the situation, you arrive home, you are drained; tons still to do. It would be nice to have your pet, but its not possible to collect him until tomorrow. Pets do not like being in moving cars, with all the bizarre noises and smells, often upsets them. It is also more dangerous for the pet (you as well!)
Neighbours, friends and family can be a disaster for your pets, either at your home – or theirs Are you not liking going to them to ask for a favour to do the pet sitting? With professional pet sitting companies such as London dog walking, they will do other activities such as tidying the yard and watering the garden. Burglars will notice the activity and diminish the likelihood of burglary.
Do you worry how the pet is doing whilst on holiday. Have the family remembered to pop in and feed them, it was incredible that the rabbit dug itself out of the pen last year, all in one night! Are they giving them too much food? The London pet sitters will even email you photos, or make them accessible on the web, and write a diary of how your pet is managing on. Is he eating well? How are the little ones? Pet sitting is even more positive for the young animals, where change is an even more stressful event.

For Father – it is often the cheapest solution.
Go away and have a great holiday.


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