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There are so many dogs that love digging. This is what dogs do.  This is simple genetics. And the reasons for it are as follows: for fun, to cool off, to bury things, to dig things up. But we we don’t want them digging up our garden~However, we still don’t like holes in the lawn.

When left to his own devices, a dog will often times default to behaviors that come naturally like barking, chewing, chasing, and of course, digging. So, during the beginning of your training implementation, you should do a lot of supervising if possible.  Read on for some very successful strategies.

These methods are extremely powerful if done correctly and consistently.

Here They Are:

Let your dog to have her own special digging area. To do it, you must encourage the behavior so you’ll want to take her out there and show this is her digging location. To do this, dig there yourself and bury her toys for her to dig up. And if you need to, bury some treats – that’ll get her digging! Do this over a period of a couple weeks until she figures it out. If you catch her in the act of digging outside of her zone, don’t yell, just guide her to her special spot and follow through with the training.

Here is a wacky yet effective technique. When you find your dog’s digging holes, place their feces inside it. He will hate to dig in his own poop and will choose another area. Keep putting his poo in it and eventually he will associate the digging with poo. If this idea grosses you out, just use gravel or rocks – it works just as well and is less sticky.

Say your dog is digging up around the fence; just put down some wire mesh beneath the lawn or ground along the fence. This will quickly deter the fence line digging.

Here is another wild one. Bury a balloon in your dogs holes. Once your dog digs in one of these holes, he’ll think twice about doing it again – and if he does, that’ll be it after that.

Keep These Little Things In Mind:

Never tie your doggy up all day long. This has the potential of fully disturbing him mentally. And not to mention FULLY encouraging digging. Don’t be surprised to see hole when you get home.

Give your dog plenty of time to exercise so that when he’s on his own. Then, he would rather be resting up for the next time you go out and won’t dig as much!

And lastly, running from the last point, spend a lot of quality time with your doggy. Make sure you play loads with your dog. She’ll love you for it and will respond better to training as a result.

Oh ya and one last thing about training your dog not to dig, if you want good results, you absolutely have to be consistent. Don’t expect to half heartedly train her and wonder why your results are down the tube. To uncover more Great dog training techniques to stop your dog’s behavioral problems, check out this complete dog obedience training manual.

And on that note, good luck and enjoy your time with your special furry friend!

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