Shelties: pros and cons why this is the dog breed for you

There are many dog breeds eager for the opportunity to hoard obedience points, or round up sheep. But there are only a few that are eager to do it to please their masters to the umost level, and the shetland sheepdog has got to be one of them!

Indeed, the one or two family members that pour the most effort into playing and training the sheltie will turn out later on to be the the sheltie’s more favorite family member, which is something most of the breed are wont to do. But then shelties tend to seek out more responsive companions if a busy family member gives it the cold shoulder, or does not give it its daily dose of recreational bonding. In fact, if there’s a sublte way to drive the sheltie to the ends of its wits, it is family members spread throughout the house!

There are at least two main drawbacks to shelties. Aside from their notorious inclination to barking (if untrained), the sheltie may be wary of strangers. A sense of aloofness around strangers may look detrimental to some, but it is nonetheless permissible in the case of this breed. An example of a flaw is shyness or aggressiveness, which is not the same as a sheltie on its guard when strangers reach out for them. Shelties that initiate contact instead when they feel like it turn out friendly. The sheltie is however not the type of dog that is eager to greet each and every newcomer.

Shelties actually seem to be the most alive when playing and interacting with sensible and well-mannered children. Sometimes the dog plays with them, and other times simply watches them. But no chances must be taken when dogs will accompany toddlers and infants, since these will need supervision.

Shelties are not only versatile when it comes to work and recreation, but they can also blend into a range of family situations. The root of this must be that their complicated and tangled bloodlines have toned down most of their working drive.

With their herding history, the breed gets to mature and grow when it is given work assignments at home. Play is important and very much welcome. Shelties will tire and get bored of repetitive tasks, so put creativity in your play. Why settle for only fetch if you can throw two or more balls to keep the dog on edge? In any case, there is no way to miss the importance of shetland sheepdog training.

But despite its lush coat, grooming the sheltie is quite easy. The only cleaning required for a neat looking dog is a thorough brushing once a week, occasional baths, and regular nail and dental care.

All this implies that there is more challenge than most people think in zeroing in on the Sheltie that fits your needs the most. Focus on the dog that will fit in well with your family situation and life style. The obedience or work star may be more of a liability for a homebound person, while a retiree’s companion might suffer sadly in a family of rowdy pre-teens. When you get help from a veteran breeder, s/he will walk you through your top needs and priorities in order to flesh out the sheltie for you or dog breed for you.

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