How to Choose the Best Pet Meds for Your Dog and Cat.

Your pet might need vet prescribed medications sometimes. You may have to consider many different choices regarding the medication such as holistic or commercial? Fluid or powder? Spot on or collar type medication? Though you vet may advise you, the ultimate decision is yours.

Important factors of medications:

It is important to understand that the medicines you choose for your pet could cause damaging side effects, complications or even the death of the animal.If your dog or cat needs a trip to the vet for medication do not forget to ask the vet about the duration of medication and what kind of effect that might have on your animal.Do not forget to mention any other medication your dog or cat might be already taking or any kind of allergy your canine or feline companion has in order to avoid side effects of the prescribed medication.Also, When it comes to pet medications, cost can be a big issue, so ask your vet if there’s a cheaper yet equally effective alternative for the medicine particularly if you have to buy it on an ongoing basis.And don’t forget that some dog medications can be harmful to your health as well, if they are used haphazardly, or if you have small children in the home. Again, ask your vet about all treatment and storage options.

What pet meds suit you best?

The easier the medication is to administer, the greater the chance that your cat or dog will get it on schedule, and for the full course of the medication. And that benefits you, as well as your pet. Ask the vet for best possible outcomes and dog pills you can realistically properly give to your animal.

Factors to consider when deciding on the best pet medicine:

The best dog or medications for cats is the one which is most effective and least harmful to you and your pet.It should be safe to administer and cost effective, but always consult your vet regarding the breed, sex and age of your pet before any giving any medication.Countless varieties of choices are there for consideration, though. You might want to try another brand or even contemplate alternative remedies such as herbal extracts.At times it may seem that a pet med is not doing its job or living up to the claims made by its manufacturer. In such a case, have a chat with your local veterinarian and ask him or her to recommend something different.


Do not forget to read the instructions mentioned on the pet drugs label to avoid any harm later, and be careful to check and see if the medication suits the age, breed and sex of your pet.Often, medication is specifically designed for pets within certain age, breed, or weight range, so keep that in mind when you purchase the medication and administer it.Holistic medication has sometimes been proven to be effective without serious side effects for certain ailments and is therefore a realistic alternative to commercial products in some cases.Always consult with your veterinarian before giving any holistic medications or supplements to your dog or cat just to be on the safe side. It is well known, as an example, that cats are a lot more sensitive and prone to serious complications if given natural remedies such as herbal extracts.

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