Chicken Coop Plans – How to Build a Chicken Coop?

It is not a secret that there are many chicken coop designs available all over the internet nowadays and by using this plans you can save so much money. That also means you can print out as many copies as you want we’ll go over the sizes of DIY chicken coops, and where to download them from too.

The fact that chicken coop plans could be downloaded via the internet really surprised me. Before I found required plans on the internet, I spent hours trying to find them in book shops and libraries. Being an average person, I was sure that it is very hard to build a good chicken coop, fortunately, it is not true. But with the right plans it’s really easy.

From what I have learnt, chicken coop sizes are divided into 3 groups:

Portable Chicken Coops

If you do not have a huge garden, small chicken coop is what you need. It is called portable because you can easily transportate it from one place to another, however this type of coops can hold only two or three chickens. Chickens is an animal which requires much space! In this type of chicken coops they will not give you enough eggs because of lack of space.

Medium sized Chicken Coops

You can keep 5 or more chickens in this size, and even set up a nice nesting area for them, you will increase your egg output, just the fact the chickens can roam about more and flap a little makes the chucks very happy indeed. It’s not so easy to move the medium sized chicken coop so make sure you position it well. chicken coop designs

Premium Chicken Coops with run and everything!

This is the most advanced chicken coop type which requires much space and efforts to build. In big chicken coop, egg output is really amazing, that is why people involved in chicken business always choose such coops… Do you want your chickens to be happy, healthy and get hundreds of egg? No questions – this type of chicken coop is what you need, your chickens will feel themselves in heaven there.


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