Building a Chicken Coop at Home

Did you know you can download really high quality chicken coop plans over the internet, and it only costs a fraction of the price of printed hard copy? This article will help you to select a nice plan which will help you to rise healthy chickens, you will also learn where to download these plans.

To be honest, I thought that it is impossible to download chicken coop plans on the internet. Really didn’t realise that you could download chicken coop pans on-line. Being an average person, I was sure that it is very hard to build a good chicken coop, fortunately, it is not true. When you use proper plans it will not make you any problems.

The 3 main sizes of chicken coop are:

Small Size

The best choice if you only have a little garden or if you live in an urban or built up area. Small chicken coops are very easy to build, however the main problem is that can hold only three chickens maximum, if you have more, you should choose a bigger chicken coop. Chickens is an animal which requires much space! The thing is, that if you chickens do not have enough space they will not give you so many eggs, this is another disadvantage of small chicken coops.

Medium sized Chicken Coops

You can keep 5 or more chickens in this size, and even set up a nice nesting area for them, you will increase your egg output, just the fact the chickens can roam about more and flap a little makes the chucks very happy indeed. Unlike small chicken coops, this is not easy to move, you might place it permanently in a particular place. chicken coop designs

Huge Chicken Coops

This is the most advanced chicken coop type which requires much space and efforts to build. In big chicken coop, egg output is really amazing, that is why people involved in chicken business always choose such coops… Do you want your chickens to be happy, healthy and get hundreds of egg? No questions – this type of chicken coop is what you need, your chickens will feel themselves in heaven there.


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