The Noble German Shepherd

Everyone knows that a German Shepherd dog is a terrific guard dog and very smart. It has also been noted that German Shepherd dogs are a very noble canine. This was recently highlighted once again in the news.

The incident Friday the 15th on the NYC expressway was a truly unique example. A German Shepherd was hit by an automobile and lay bleeding and helpless, with cars edging carefully around it. But, just like the “masked man” of the old days, a hero comes weaving its way through all the traffic to stand guard and keep officials at bay. The hero, the son of the injured dog, circled and barked warnings and lunged at those who tried to approach its mother.¬† After sometime, the officials were able to get to the injured Shepherd¬† and take it to the Vet for treatment.

What is it in their make-up that causes them to put their own life in jeopardy? It is their built-in instinct that enabled the German shepherd hero to rush headlong into traffic and loyally stand guard, something missing even in some humans today. We have heard many unusual stories about German shepherds in the past and wonder at their loyal acts in protecting their owners. Some of us have actually experienced watching their loyalty grow as the German shepherd becomes used to his new family.

This story helps us see that many dogs, but especially the GS, when raised in a good atmosphere and with proper German Shepherd training will not only heroic but show concern for those they know. They have an inborn instinct that makes them a reliable and protective animal. They can tell when a threat is at hand and will take action to do something about it. But this dosn’t just happen by accident. Dogs that are cared for properly will likely become a productive member of that family and do much good. Those owners that do not take on their responsiblity by trained German Shepherd] and caring properly for their pets create an animal that gives others a bad name.

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