Pet Steps That Won’t Break The Bank

In these tough economic times, pet owners who want to help their dogs get up to human level are looking for cheap dog steps. Fortunately, there are two options: buy dog steps economically, or make them.

Dog steps can seem like a luxury when money is short. However, the advantage to dog steps is that they enable dogs with special needs to get to places where their humans live.

Dog steps can be a vital assistance to smaller breeds of dogs, such as Pomeranians, smaller terriers, Dachshunds (whose back is long and fragile), and other similar breeds. They can actually fracture or full-out break their legs by jumping from high furniture such as beds or sofas. Think of how costly it would be to take your dog to the vet to treat a broken leg, not to mention the heartache it can cause by knowing it could be prevented.

Older and larger breeds of dogs can also benefit from pet steps. As older dogs tend to have trouble ascending and descending, a good quality set of steps could mean a world of difference in and older dog’s comfort. As with larger breeds of dog, they can easily develop conditions such as arthritis, which is quite common, but can be very painful and expensive to treat. A set of dog stairs would easily allow them to maneuver from furniture.

Most inexpensive dog steps are made from foam covered in carpet or other material. Many of these styles can be bought for $20 or less at many popular stores and online outlets.

If you fancy yourself a craft project, you may attempt to build your own pet steps. However, this can be a great deal more expensive than purchasing one online, especially if you require large dog steps.

Whether your dog’s steps are purchased economically or homemade, it’s essential that you keep in the size your dog needs. Small dogs need steps that are no more than 12 inches wide. Medium-sized dogs weighing 35 pounds or less can use steps 14 inches wide. Larger dogs need steps that are at least 16 inches wide.

Height is also a factor. Dog steps work inversely according to your dog’s size. That means that smaller dogs may need higher steps, while larger dogs can ascend with shorter steps.

Finally, be sure your cheap dog steps are sturdy enough to support your dog’s weight. Test your dog on a sample of the steps if possible. If not, be sure to check any weight information on the product label. The last thing you want is for your precious pet to fall through a step and hurt itself.

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