Dog Agility Equipment – Devices to Make Your Dog More Competitive

Dog agility equipment, what is in your mind when we talk about it? Exactly, this is some apparatus used to train dog well for dog agility contest. In the recent time dog agility contest is a kind of game hold every year in United States. This show involves not only a lot of kinds of dogs but also good dog trainers and dog owners to train them.

Dog agility equipment, both bought and hand-made, is needed to train our dogs well so that they are ready to stick together dog agility contest whenever it is conducted. It is said so since in the dog agility contest, there are some obstacles which have to be challenged and passed through by the dog without making any mistakes.

By training them using dog agility equipment, we make them accustomed to face with a ‘real competition’ so that in the truly agility contest held by a formal institution the dog could do as best as it could and hopefully they could be the victor of the competition. There are some factors of the training itself to make a successful competition: the dogs, the dogs trainers or dogs handlers, and also dog agility equipment as well.

Dog Trainers

In the training programs the dog trainers or dog handlers could do anything to influence or push the dogs run through the dog agility equipment, by offering incentives (food or snack), touching the dogs’ part of the body or anything else. Those ways are done in order to quicken the dogs run through the course of obstacles. Nevertheless, they could not touch or give any food and snack to the dog while they are competing in a real contest.

In the real competition, the only thing the trainers could do is giving verbal and physical instructions to their dog. Thus, training using dog agility equipment in a course of training programs has to be maximized so that successfully training program could bring them a triumph to their real contest. Herein, the trainers or handlers’ role is truly needed in order to direct them in that way.

Dog Agility Equipment

One kind of dog agility equipment is a-frame. The A-frame consists of 2 platforms which are joined together with a hinge and are lifted up in order to possess the hinged connection to be about five to six feet higher than the ground. The form of the device is A-frame, and the dogs have to pass through over it.

The dog walk is the dog agility equipment including of 3 boards attached together at the ends of the boards. The innermost board is elevated up to about 4 feet from the ground which gives the dog walk with 2 ramps. The dogs have to pass through up one of the ramps to the top board and then pass through down the other ramp to reach the ground.

The teeter-totter is a long board which pivots on a support. The component is created to be a little off balance in order for the like end of the board to always return back to the ground. This kind of dog ability equipment has to be designed so that the tiny dogs that are competing in the dog agility competition can make the higher end of the device go down to the ground.

It can be said that A-frame, dog walk, teeter-totter, crossover, weave poles and several kinds of jumps are some usual dog agility equipment used for the training of dog agility. Those devices are employed to raise the dog ability and dog’s speed to pass through the course of obstacles they are faced in a dog agility contest. It has to be borne in mind that the equipment are only items used to support the training, while one of the most prominent thing is the trainers itself and the dog ability in doing so.

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