Choosing a Dried Dog Food

Due to the various brands and types of dog food, choosing one can be difficult. First of all let’s talk about what dried dog food is and how it compares to other types of dog food.

Complete dried dog food has been baked into hard biscuit sized pieces. It is a good and complete source of nutrition and the crunching and chewing of the dried food acts like an abrasive against the teeth, removing plaque and stimulating the gums it can help keep teeth and gums in good condition. Complete dried dog food is easy to serve because you simply pour the required measurement into the dog’s bowl and it tends not to smell like the wet, canned dog foods.

Most leading dog food manufacturers such as Royal Canin Dog Food develop many ranges of their dog food depending on whether your dog is puppy, adult, senior, specific breed or even having a sensitive stomach. But which food is the best for your puppy or adult dog?

If your dog is aged up to 18 months look at the different brands of puppy food. These are not usually breed specific because food developed for puppies tends to contain different levels and types of ingredients. ALL puppies, just like human babies need more and less of certain nutrients and vitamins. Puppy food can also be split by size of the breed i.e. small (e.g. Shih Tzu), medium (e.g. Border Collie) and large (e.g. Bull Mastiff). Now you should be able to narrow down your choice of puppy food by size and age.

Many dog food manufacturers split their ranges by specific breeds and size of breeds so choosing food for an adult dog is sometimes a little easier depending on what your priorities are. If you decide to simply go off the size of your dogs breed, all that is left is narrowing down the manufacturer and maybe the flavour of dog food such as chicken, beef or rabbit (which does tend to be the dogs preference which is where samples come in handy!). Or go straight for a formula developed specifically for the breed such as labrador food.

The other factors that can be considered in your choice include personal preference. Brands such as Arden Grange are animal friendly i.e. animals were not used during the development of the product in what some animal rights organisations consider to be cruel conditions. Price is also an important factor; if you happened to switch brands because of the cost your dog could go on ‘hunger strike’ or get an upset tummy. So do make sure you will be able to keep up the costs of the dog food on a regular and ongoing basis.

Handy hint: Many households have more than one dog so why not try to get them all on the same brand.

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