An Overview Of Dog Grooming

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Unless you like the odor of a smelly pet or one with exceedingly long claws, dog grooming is something you are going to have to confront several times in the course of your dog’s life. A matted dog coat, and fleas can make a pet owner’s life miserable not to mention that it is unhealthy for a dog. A dog that is overwhelmed with fleas can become anemic and his life endangered.

Dog books and experts agree that dog grooming is an excellent way to foster a bond between pet owner and pet. It allows consistent contact and it helps assure the pet that its needs are being met in a safe way. It keeps the pet’s appearance healthy and make sure that allergies in the home are kept to a minimum. Dog grooming starts with the basics. You do not have to have expensive equipment nor do you have to always turn to be an animal wiz.

Basic dog beauty treatments begin in much the same way that you, yourself, spruce up. Start with an adequate bathtub with a hose attachment to the shower. Pets Mart sells a variety of shampoos and conditioning agents to help the dog grooming along. Make sure the bathtub area is cleared of all clutter. If this is your puppy’s first bath then it might not be quite as calm as you would want.

Start the shower, making sure the water temperature is tepid to warm, and make sure that your supplies are very close. The best idea is to have a dog training collar attached to a short leash and have the leash held by someone else while you do the dirty, or rather clean, work. Dog grooming starts with the bath. After the bathing is done and the dog is dried off then the entertainment begins.

Most dogs like to do a little dance after their bath time. They will roll around the carpet or make a dash for the backyard. You definitely do not want to repeat the bath so it is better to keep them indoors until they are properly dried. Once the drying is complete, it is time to brush your dog’s coat. It will remove any loose pet hair or dander remaining after the bath and will also give it a nice shine. If you feel up to the challenge clip their nails as well.

If you own a breed of dog that requires a special hair cut or is exceedingly large, consider taking them into a local dog groomer who has the facilities to take care of your pet. Dog grooming is a lot of work at times but it is worth it to see your pet healthy and have a beautiful coat. You will not have to worry about matted hair or the smell of a dog that has rolled around in something that it should not have.

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