What You Need To Know About Akita Dogs And How To Care For Them


Akita dogs are the cutest of all pet dogs but with untrained pet Akita, it could be a threat and not a treat for next door neighbors. Leaving your dog running around the neighborhood could end up with angry folks. These cute beagles would sometimes find themselves in the front lawn of somebody else’s house and before you could blink your eye, your dog is sitting in a potty position on your neighbor’s grass. Now, you wouldn’t want that to happen. So, if you ever get to thinking about getting a Akita for a pet, you have to teach yourself first some helpful advices like an appropriate Akita training on how to care and train him. There are lots of training guides you will find on the Net which can be applied. So, instead of heading out to your vet, why not try some of these virtual pet stores and conveniently shop for the things you need to properly train your Akita and properly care for him?

But while you going at it, why not try to read on and get to know more about Akita dogs? To begin with, here are some little tidbits about the Akita. The Akita dog belongs to the breed of working dogs and its weight range from 75 to 120 lbs. for males and for bitches, it’s between 75 to 110 pounds. They can grow to as tall as 26 to 28 inches. Although they are temperamental, they do hunger for human attention. Maybe that is why, if you don’t want it to be very temperamental and very annoyed, you always need to pat it often, put more attention to it and learn how to take care of it.

According to vets, it’s best to buy them when they are still Akita puppies. That way, training Akita dogs would not be that so hard. You don’t need to hire a trainer to do the responsibility of training your own dog. The fact of the matter is, you can learn how to train and care for the Akita dogs with the assistance of nothing but a training book guide. Try to find one on the Internet today and you will really have a good time doing it on your own. Your kids, if ever you have them, can help you out with the training. Akitas are gentle dogs toward children and they don’t excessively bark that loud but if you’re a stranger and you are about to go inside somebody else’s home and they have an Akita dog for a guard, you better be on the lookout. They are very efficient and very attentive guard dogs.

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