Orthopedic Dog Beds – Are You Serious?

One of the greatest things about dogs is that they seldom complain about anything. But this same behavior can also be a detriment sometimes. You know that Old Roy won't tell you that he tossed and turned all night in his worn out dog bed. You can tell, however, if you look for the signs, and then you can do something to help your faithful old friend get the rest he needs. The right dog bed is even more important if your dog is aging or developing arthritis which makes him waken in the mornings in a lot of pain. The best way to help him sleep and to assuage his aches and pains is by purchasing an orthopedic dog bed for him that will allow him to sleep well all night every night.

What Makes Orthopedic Dog Beds so Special?

Most dog beds consist of nothing but a large pillow. Puppies might be all right with a bed like this, but older dogs need more support for their limbs and joints. Orthopedic dog beds, on the other hand, are made more like the mattress you use yourself. These mattresses offer firm support, are easy to clean, and retain their shape far longer than pillow-like beds do.

If you’ve ever slept on a bad mattress yourself, you already know what it can feel like. A mattress that is hard or unsupportive keeps you from getting the rest you need, so you can be at your best. You also won't get the support that is crucial and you will most likely wake sore and unrested. The main reason for these problems is that without getting the support you need from your mattress, your spine must do the work to support your body while you’re sleeping. Dogs, like people, feel the effects of poor mattresses and will benefit just as much as people do from having an orthopedic dog bed.

What's Wrong With The Floor?

You have no doubt noticed you dog drop down somewhere in the middle of the floor for an afternoon nap. And this is fine for a nap, but the floor won't allow your dog to get the kind of sleep at night he needs, particularly if he suffers from hip dysplasia or arthritis. Enen if the floor is carpeted, it won't offer the kind of proper sleep that he needs, so don't fool yourself. You won’t hear him complain, but an observant owner will be able to tell when their pet is feeling the effects.

To start with, floors are too cold and drafty for sound, cozy sleep. Try napping on one sometime, and you’ll soon get the point. In addition, they are far too firm, put too much pressure on various parts of the dog’s body, and don’t give him the comfort he needs to sleep soundly.

Do You Really Want to Spend the Money?

Some dog owners are reluctant to spend the kind of money it takes to buy the right orthopedic dog bed for their pet. How could you ever enjoy going out and spending money on a dinner and a movie knowing that your dog is at home sleeping painfully on a hard, cold floor? Adopting a dog involves making sure he is taken care of and overall responsibility for his well being. He gives you a lot of companionship and joy. You know you owe him the courtesy of a really good nights sleep?

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