Cat Meow: The Art Of Communicating With Your Cat

Cat lovers have a way of communicating with their cat. When they hear a cat meow, cat lovers would have this sense of understanding of what their cat wants. For some people, understanding what their cat wants comes so naturally that a stranger would often wonder if the owner actually speaks cat language. Well, whether a person do or do not speak cat language, a cat meow would definitely tell you something by merely paying close attention to the tone of the cat meow.

How Does One Understand A Cat Meow?

A keen observation of body movements and Cat meow would allaw you to understand the communication from you cat. If your cat meow incessantly and would start walking towards the food dish, this means that your cat is hungry and would like to be feed. You see, your cat has a way of telling you what it wants so pay close attention to the tone of the cat meow and the body language that accompanies the tone.

Now, what if your cat starts rubbing itself on your leg and producing some soft cat meow? Typically, this means that you cat wants to be petted and cuddled. Cats are really very sweet creatures and they like to be cuddled so pay attention. Now, what if your car start to make that harsh cat meow and its fur stand up? The fur is a good indicator of the mood of you cat, if erect, it implies that the animal is agitated and angry. And angry cat would definitely look very wild with its fur standing up making it look a lot bigger that it really is. If your cat meow and move away with its fur standing up, do not push it. Your cat is not in he mode to play with you so let it be. Cats love to have sometime on its own so if your cat shows some resistance when you try to cuddle it, don’t force it.

The cat meow of a sick cat takes on some other dimensions. If you hear your cat crying in the night in that soft pitiful sound, there is a big chance that your cat is not really feeling so well. Check your cat and find out what is wrong. Forget that cliché that your cat has nine lives because there is no such thing as cats having nine lives. The moment you find your cat to be sick immediately bring it to the notice of a Veterinary doctor and avoid any further complication.

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