Alley Cat: Wild And Capricious Natured Animals

The alley cat, wild and capricious as it may be, does serve the community well by minimizing rodent problems in the neighborhood. They are instrumental in reducing the number of rodents and mouses that often harm the human food stock. Thus, Act as an important link of the eco-balance.

An Interesting Spectacle

It also makes for interesting spectacle with many people deriving pleasure from observing them and, also helps lower blood pressure, according to medical studies. They also provide an opportunity for people to feed them and take care of them and, are good soul mates for the elderly and, help in relieving boredom, depression, loneliness as well as isolation. They can relieve tension as well as provide a modicum of happiness in the lives of those who tend for them.

It has been observed that Alley cats can be helpful in increasing the life by destressing and resultant lowering of blood pressure of humans who take care of them,. Taking care of them provides an opportunity that can obviate the need for irresponsible purchase of a pet that is left uncared for. Domesticating an alley cat after proper vaccination and sterilization helps in repelling other strays from coming close and also makes the alley suitable to stay in civilised human society.

One must know that alley cats are one of the most difficult breeds of cats to handle, it is prudent to handle them safely and separately considering own safety. Taking them to the veterinary should be useful and, use should be made of special traps, squeeze-side cages, as well as cages to contain the alley cats, after they have been operated upon. In this regard, those who come into contact with an alley cat should have had pre-exposure rabies vaccinations and, if bitten, the wound should be washed thoroughly as well as be treated without delay, to prevent infections.

The alley cat may also be needed to be tested for viral diseases such as FeLV and FIV, though the rate of such infections in them is generally low. People often would like to give an alley cat sanctuary, but few of these cats would really relish living in confinement as they are wild animals that are accustomed to the outdoor life. Also, alley cats are social animals that may have developed strong bonds with companion cats. Relocating the alley cat may mean separating them and, thus cause them needless stress. But, for safety sakes, there is nothing wrong with relocating an alley cat.

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