The Truth about Cat Flea Medicine

If you have pets you know that fleas can really be a big annoyance. If you are allergic to fleas your self you may find that they are painfully irritating as well. A good cat flea medicine can help you keep pest free all year long.

I am allergic to bites from fleas and I have had my share of painful experiences with these little buggers. I know that when I see my pet scratching and squirming that I need to invest in a cat flea medicine that will do the trick, the last thing I want is for boys bedding of my little one for be infected, not only for my cat but for me as well. I will get nasty welts from a few bites and I want to avoid this by any means possible.

I try to keep my pets chemical free so I avoided getting cat flea medicine in order to try natural methods instead. Nothing really worked. Most of the home remedies for these pests are lacking and they are basically ineffectual in keeping my boys bedding sets free of fleas. One item did a little better than the rest.

A flea comb is a good method that can replace cat flea medicine but I don’t recommend it on a regular basis. The comb is useful when your cat is unable to take medication because she is having kittens or she is nursing kittens. Cat flea medicine is not for pregnant and nursing cats.

I make sure to use the comb instead when a feline is expecting a litter and when she is nursing them. Once the kittens are grown and ready to move on I start the mother on the cat flea medication again after consulting with the vet.

Since I have cats and dogs in my house I use two different treatments. It is important to remember that dog and cat flea medicine are quite different from one another. You should avoid using dog products on felines because they can be harsh on your kitty’s system.

This can be a little tricky. Some bottles are difficult to read and others can be really vague. Just because a product boasts insect and boys bedding control does not mean that it is cat flea medicine. You really want a product designed specifically for your pet. When in doubt, talk to you vet.

I found that the veterinarian is the single most important resource when it comes to making sure that my home stays flea-free. The perfect cat flea medicine will be preventative in nature. Hopefully, we won’t see another one ever again.

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