Training a Dog To Have Good Manners

Dog owners want a dog that with good manners and an understanding of its role within the family but this isn’t always the situation. Some dogs jump on anyone nearby while others are aggressive with strangers or other animals. While those traits might be beneficial in some situations, most people would like their dogs to be pleasant with every person they come in contact with.
Do we absolutely have to train our dogs? I think it is and most dog owners have the same opinion. It goes without saying that a good-mannered dog is what you want, but a lot of owners feel strapped for time to do the training and the money to hire it out. Other people may not want the inconvenience of training, even if they pass the project on to a professional. The consequence, in some cases, is a dog that is unmanageable that may disturb family members or outsiders. For everyone’s safety, including your dog, training is the best course of action.
You can purchase fairly inexpensive equipment that can make training your dog much easier.  
Lunging ahead on its leash is one way a dog signals that he is in charge and you need to obey it. These types of dogs will do whatever they wish while being walked: chase other animals, smell the flowers, and basically ignore its owner altogether. A dog like this may drag around its owner while it looks at anything catching its eye. 
Walking harnesses today are created so that it is uncomfortable when your dog pulls on it. The harness fits snugly against your dog’s body and neck (but without choking) and puts uncomfortable pressure against the dog’s armpits whenever it pulls against its lead. When the dog stops pulling, the pressure stops. This way, the dog will stay close to its owner. This kind of leash doesn’t require much skill and often results in a great improvement. 
Rewarding the dog for appropriate behavior is done simply by giving it extra attention. But what can you do to help curtail a dog’s bad behavior? 
What makes curbing bad behavior tough is the inability to communicate with your dog when it is misbehaving. Most owners say “No!” when their dog is caught in the act and it can work for some situations. 
There is a terrific training device that gives the essentials to dogs when they are misbehaving. All you need is a collection of Dog Training Discs. 
Using these discs is really simple: the minute your dog does something it shouldn’t, you drop the disc and say “No!” The sound of the discs clattering together will always startle your dog no matter what it is doing, and if you also provide a stern “No!”, you will be sending a very powerful message to your misbehaving dog. Over time, the dog will correlate the discs with the word “No!” It won’t take long at all until your dog hears the word “No!” and responds as though the discs had been flung to the ground. 

To help with training your dog try using portable dog kennels. The portable dog kennel makes training your dog that much easier. You can buy dog kennels from this site. They offer a selection of products that are on auction.

Without spending much money, these are two simple ways to offer some important training for your dog. When it comes to your dog, try to find some time to train it. The information you need may be in a book or even at a dog-training course.

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