Tips and Tricks for Curbing Dog Agression

Although the media greatly exaggerated the level of canine aggression, it is still a fact that 2 percent of our communities are victims of dog bites each year and 1 percent of dogs bite humans. If you observed your dog becoming aggressive, there are various quality ways to eliminate dog aggression you can bring into play to reduce the aggressive behaviors so that your dog does not become a statistic. On the other hand , one of the best dog aggression training methods is prevention itself.


Although prevention is important in minimizing the potential for dog aggression, there are some dog aggression training process that will perfectly to reduce the unwanted behaviors in your dog. Some of these dog aggression training methods involve your dog, but some involve training you and the people that normally interact with your dog. Dog aggression is not just a dog problem; it is a people problem, too.


Primarily , before you start with any training methods for curbing dog aggression, you need to recognize what is causing the aggression in your dog. To find out which dog aggression training method you can use, put into consideration the triggers of your dog’s aggression.


Fear and dominance are the two most common reasons for dog aggression, which can be curbed through training. But still, aggression caused by things like maternal instincts or food requires more of a change in human behavior, by not challenging the situations. If your dog has a medical reason for the aggression, you will perhaps need to see a veterinarian to acquire treatment.


Nevertheless , dominance aggression requires a bit of an unusual training approach. Dominance aggression starts when your dog considers you part of his or her pack, and they would like to establish themselves as the “alpha dog.” Respect exercise is practically the best approach. This kind of technique trains your dog to look to you for “permission” before doing anything.


Begin by having your dog know that you have control over everything. So that your dog cannot obtain what he or she wants without your permission, toys, beds, food, walks, even affection should to be within your control. You can establish this by commanding that your dog sit before it gets what it wants. Do not confer when your dog do not follow what you want him or her to do. Use a rattle or clicker to get his or her attention if your dog does not pay attention to you. Avoid giving your dog praise not until they do what you want, then praise them significantly. Also refrain from games like tug of war, which promotes the desire for dominance.


You also need to realize that during the initial training, you will definitely observe an increase in aggression or rebellion in your dog, just as you are trying to use dog aggression training methods to lessen aggressive behavior based on fear or dominance. Keep in mind, a dog functions at the same age level as a two or three year old, so it takes a lot more for them to realize what you want them to do, and they do not figure out that the training is really in their best interest. By using these dog aggression training methods to teach your dog how to live and act appropriately around humans, you become patient with your dog during this time and get acquainted that you are being a conscientious and responsible pet owner.

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