How to Curb Your Dog from Jumping on People and Other Dogs

One of the few annoying things in life is visiting a friend or family member only to have their dog jump all over you. This is a normal puppy habit that should right away be stopped in order to ensure yourself and your guests are not knocked over upon entering your home. Always remember that not all puppy habits are cute, this could sometimes become potentially harmful, especially if young children or old persons are knocked down and injured by your dog, no matter how harmless your dog may be at the time.


Jumping is a bad habit that can be broken quite without difficulty, knowing you use the correct training techniques each and every time. Same with all other types of training, the key to dog training is consistency. Inconsistency will only confuse your dog to your techniques. By keeping your training techniques consistent all the time, your dog will know the exact behavior that you expect, and to stop dog jumping up on people.


It is very unbecoming to abuse your dog physically in an attempt to train him. This is undesirable in all situations and can only make a wider gap between you and your dog. You are presenting yourself to be undependable with your dog when you abuse them, same as human beings, trust must be earned with dogs. Learn by heart to remember that the techniques used in this article are a far cry from abuse, but the line exists and should be cautiously observed. Having said that, there are two main techniques to training your dog not to jump, both methods of teaching your dog not to jump involve a command. Use commands like “no jump,” but refrain from those like “down,” that are oftentimes associated with the laying down command. This command should be given in a strong firm voice. No matter how frazzled you may be on account of your dog jumping, a strong and firm voice is the most effective way for your dog to understand your emotion. From this point onward, there are different techniques you can use with the command.


Few people find that holding the dog’s front paws is a way to train a larger dog so that he cannot get down. This will only frustrate the dog and discourage him from jumping again. Use your command in a clear, firm voice when your dog jumps inappropriately. Then, clutch his front two legs and don’t to let him down for a period of time, this take a couple seconds. Keep in mind that you are only discouraging him from jumping, and not trying to torture your dog. After a few more times, just use the command and see if the dog responds as it should be.


Another technique is to raise your knee as the dog begins his jump. Do not thrust or knee your dog, just raise your knee to lift your foot a couple of inches off the ground. Rather than jumping on your body, your dog will come up touching your raised knee and return to the ground. This technique is not abusive or cruel if done properly and will not physically harm your dog.

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  1. beverly Says:

    I have tried all of your tactics but our dog keeps jumping up on people. Any other suggestions? Our chocolate lab is 7 years old named Ginger Snaps. Our other one is called Candi Kisses.

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