Adopting Wildlife

Okay, so adopting an elephant doesn’t seem practical.  Where would you put it?  Oh, and what would the neighbours say?  I am sure the poop and scoop signs will be posted prominently on your lawn in no time!  Your love for wildlife is wonderful, but how can you make a difference for an elephant you can’t bring home?

A wonderful concept for you to consider is sponsorship and adoption programs that are run through various wild-life organizations.  Local reserves and zoos also have these in place.


Caring for an exotic pet requires know how and money.  Not to mention it’s not good for the animal to be kept in such unnatural settings.

With the rise of poaching and the fear of extinction it becomes a prominent need to find ways in which we can help these beautiful and great creatures.  Whether you passion is for elephants, polar bears, panda bears, whales, or apes, all of these great creatures and more are in need of some much desired help.

Loss of habitat has become a growing concern for many species as well.  In fact the statistics of some of earths most beautiful creatures is shocking and heart breaking.  Not being able to keep an elephant or tiger in your basement, does not mean you can’t help.  You can!

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund or ) is one organization that is designed to make a difference.  It’s not for everyone to go out there and help hands on, it’s not an easy task and can be significantly dangerous, and they do that for you.  What they need from you is help in saving these animals on a financial basis.  Your help is critical and your financial donations will be handled with care.  Whether you wish to give a one time donation or become a monthly sponsor is entirely up to you.  It’s a great place to start in the conservation of these endangered animals.

Some organizations like the WWF will allow you to adopt a specific animal; for instance a Bengal Tiger. You will be given the name of a tiger in captivity who is being cared for, you will receive a photograph, and information about this tiger specifically and any additional information regarding this creature.  Like many animals, the Bengal Tiger needs people like you to help save them from extinction.

The next time you feel the tug on your heart to do something for these creatures, check your options on how you can adopt a wildlife animal and sponsor a cause that works daily to save these special creatures from extinction.  For just a few dollars a month, you can make a huge difference to one of these animals and you can be proud knowing you are doing something we need more people to do.

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  1. pelf Says:

    There are also adoption packages that do all the dirty work for you, for example, adopt a turtle. You pay a certain amount of money, usually not too much, and the people behind a particular organization will help you with the feeding and cleaning of the turtle. And you get some information on the turtle too!

    So that makes adopting an elephant or even an orang utan seems feasible, no? :D

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