Dogs and surgery – legal issues

I’ve not posted here in FAR too long, and I’m not going to post now :) What this post is, is to echo a message put up on the forum by a user called bill. And here it is:

My dog had to have a hernia operation. He developed an eye infection afterwards that caused him to lose his right eye,which had to be removed. Then his left eye developed a similar ulcer. Luckily we found the right specialist who managed to save the remaining eye through a corneal graft. The specialist explained that dogs stop producing tears when they are under anesthesia. The eye becomes dry, and very vulnerable to small injuries leading to infection. According to the specialist, the likely explanation for the problem was that the anesthesia for the hernia triggered the problem with the right eye, and the anesthesia to remove that damaged eye led to the problem in the other eye. Has anyone experienced a similar problem with their dog? I’m trying to put together material for an article in a national newspaper on the subject. Many thanks.

If anyone has anything useful to help Bill, then post it as a comment here. If you don’t want to make it public, then post a comment to that effect and I’ll contact you via email to put you in touch with Bill.

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