Chosing a dog bed (Sponsored Post)

For experience of our dogs and others we’ve walked every dog is different to how it prefers to sleep. Our Australian shepherd, Blue, prefers to sleep on the cold stone slabs in the unlit fireplace whereas Ollie (our Border Collie) would sleep on a bed of a thousand pillows if he could – under a warm duvet with a hot water bottle! So with that in mind, you need to choose carefully when choosing a bed for your dog. Get the one that is best suited.

Things to bear in mind would be the size, more importantly than the actual area within the bed is the height of the side. It’s good to see a lot of the ones for sale at have a lower front portion for this very purpose. In fact, they’ve got dog beds in all shapes and sizes! From traditional, to chunky floor pillows and even a range for doggy sofas that made me smile.

If your dog sleeps and/or travels in a crate or cage then a sensible thing to do would be to get a dog bed that can fit inside the cage – so your dog has somewhere both comfortable and familiar when away from home or when he’s locked in.

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  1. Billy Says:

    He have an Australian shepherd too, he likes to sleep on the cold floor in the kitchen. Funny creatues. I guess it is their warms coat or something,

  2. good Says:

    Good site you done here,man.

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