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Now I hope you’ll excuse the blatant promotional nature of this post. But it may interest a whole host of pet bloggers that I know pass through here.

Hot on the tails of the successful Text Link Ads (which actually makes me a fair amount of money), Patrick Gavin has launched a new service. Essentially is it a way to match up advertisers and bloggers. Bloggers benefit from a few extra quid in their pockets buy writing a short post, and the Advertisers get to place their products and services right in the face of potential buyers. The prices alway make it a reasonable method of garnering links to their sites and products right in the content of a site (rather than tucked away at the sides).

I actually think this site will do really well. It’s the sort of service that I know advertisers are screaming out for… and not just people hawking affiliate links. There’s some big players out there with even bigger pockets if the advertisers on my sites from TLA are anything to go by.

So if you’re a keen blogger looking to earn a few extra quid, the you should definitely get yourself over to and get your site listed!

2 Responses to “Promotional Post:”

  1. Riley Says:

    Money is Money, I also tried out Review Me. Not to shabby for a few minutes worth of work although I haven’t heard of anyone getting another review since the intitial one. Have you? I got paid already too, nice!

  2. Chris Andrews Says:

    Hi Riley!

    Yeah, I’ve had one more review offer since this one (on another blog of mine). Yep, I can confirm they pay too! :)

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