What would a Shih Tzu Daschund mix look like?

For some reason, someone came to this site looking for “shih tzu dachshund mix”. Quite how they ended up here I’m not sure but it’s an interesting mix… well not as interesting as the Shih Tzu / Doberman mix that I first thought it was. Anyways, Shih Tzh dogs are cool, we were going to get one once. So then cross these two…

Perhaps something like this little fella from Buy Puppies Direct who looks dead cute. In this case, his mother was the Dachshund his father the Shih-Tzu.

Dashund Shih Tzu Cross

Or perhaps these little chaps I found over on Litter Ads, almost as tiny as the real thing! (I think the ad those dogs are from is long gone):


That’s all I can find at the moment, if you have any pictures then let me know in the comments below!

Swicki: Shih tzu / Dachshund mix

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  1. scot benton Says:

    hey – the dog all over our website is “beauty” the wonder dog. she is sitting in my lap as i write.

    she is a dasch-tzu or tzuweiner – shih tzu mini daschund mix anyway.

    we have cycle toured all over on our tandem with her.


    scot benton

  2. Gregors Says:

    We have a shih tzu/daschund mix. He’s the love of our lives! I’m been looking all over the web for others like him. I have found a few. Ours looks like s shih tzu on all levels except when he’s wet…then he looks like a daschund.

  3. Bonnie Says:

    It may have been me who was looking for a shih-tzu dachshund mix puppy- we just got a little one (mom was a shih-tzu, dad was a dachshund) and he is so adorable. I’ve never seen another one, so I was looking on the internet for photos of one. Email me and I’ll send some pictures of “Wilson” to you- he’s adorable!

  4. Amber Says:

    I have a dachshund/shih-tzu aswell and I would love to meet others who own them, so swap pics, advice, ect. Feel free to e-mail me. Ask8104@hotmail.com

  5. Kathy Says:

    I have one too! I kept searching for stuff on the web, not much out there.
    Email me kat708@hotmail.com

  6. Chelsie Says:

    I have a schweenie dog too! He is sooo sweet and cute. He is a fuzzball and also looks like a dachshund when he is wet and a shih-tzu when he is dry. I haven’t found many picks out there. Also I can’t seem to find anyone that has puppies.

  7. Michele Says:

    I have a two year old female dachshund, who is about to give birth any day now. The father is my mother’s shih-tzu, also two years old. We did not mate purposely. But, we are very excited for the delivery. I would to see pictures of any ones dogs. Who also have this breed. My e-mail address is shelljansen@aol.com


  8. mcdude Says:

    My Tzu girl is having a litter, with a Dachshund dady. Unplanned, but both are great dogs. Please send pics, or birthing info, my 1st litter too!~

  9. MICHELE Says:

    I have a 4 month old “Schweenie”. He is very cute. Low to the ground, long hair, red, brown, beige , black . He has a large head. He looks like a cross of a shih tzu and dachshund.

  10. Ashley Madison Says:

    I just got a Schweenie puppy. His body is long and he has short legs, but his nose is not long or flat against his face, but it’s right in between. His color is like a brownish dapple dachshund, but his hair is long. He also has light brown eyes! He’s adorable, but difficult to potty train!

  11. Tracy Says:

    I Have a great lil girl who I’m 99% sure she is a Schweenie. Sass is 4 months old and very funny. I have been looking all over for other pics of this breed. There really isn’t much out there. Anyone want swap pics? I would love to see others like her. Thanks & Woof :O}

  12. Brenda Says:

    My female is a Mix with daschound and mini pinscher and I have a male Lhasa Apso and Shih-Tzu and they are about to have puppies now I’m not sure how cute they wll be or even if they will servive the formation of a long nose dog and a short nose dog. what do you think. And please remember I ha no idea that she was even pregnant intill I took them for there vet check up.

  13. Be a Good Daughter Says:

    Hi the comment is stunning.
    I will definitely read your diary..
    thank you again

  14. Jen Says:

    Oh Im thrilled to find this page. My black & tan smooth dachshund is due to have her first litter next month & she has been mated to a Shih Tsu. We are in New Zealand & I dont think theres anything like it here but I love to cross my poultry so why not my dog I thought. Sooo excited to see what we get &, like everyone else, would love to see other peoples pics of that cross. Will report back as to what we get :) nzjnette@hotmail.com

  15. Moose Says:

    I just rescued a beautiful shih tzu and the lady informed me that she might be pregnant by her mini dachsund….well 2 ultrasounds and one xray later I have a litter of 5 on the way. I would love to see some pics of them as adults so if anyone could mail me some i would appreciate it ! rjcortie@aol.com

  16. Dawn Says:

    I am supposed to pick my Schweenie up 2/10/08. If anyone wants to email me some pics feel free. I could not find many online. I will be glad to swap pics when I get some of her. She will be named Cleopatra and we will call her Ms. Cleo.

  17. RJ Says:

    This is one of my Scweenie babies at 5 weeks old

  18. Nicole Says:

    Hi all. I’m so glad I found this website!! I had a dachshund when I was younger and was always fond of shih tzu’s so it just seemed a perfect fit to get a “Schweenie” when the opportunity arose! I will be getting my “Schweenie” baby sometime in late March (pups were born late January). I’m having the same problems as others on this board because I don’t know what he’ll look like!! If any one could send me some puppy pics as well as some all grown up…I would be highly appreciative!! Also, if anyone is interested…the family that I’m getting mine from has other’s available. As far as I know…there are 4 females but I don’t know the colors. Please e-mail me at ingenuen426@aol.com with any pics or info about this mix. Thanks!!

  19. Janna Says:

    Here’s my pup at 4 weeks…I’ll try to get newer ones up soon. Her mom is shitzu and dad dachshund. I think she looks more like a weenie dog. I can’t wait to she what she looks like as she gets older.

  20. Janna Says:

    Here’s my pup at 4 weeks…I’ll try to get newer ones up soon. Her mom is shitzu and dad dachshund. I think she looks more like a weenie dog. I can’t wait to she what she looks like as she gets older.

  21. Kathy Stewart Says:

    I love my Shih Tzu / Dachshund cross!
    His mom is a Shih Tzu and dad is a long-haired dachshund. He has Shih Tzu hair, medium nose, short legs, and longer body than a Shih Tzu, with long ears of the Dachshund.
    He’s the greatest dog I’ve ever owned. He’s happy all the time and is soo smart. Anyone who wans to see pics of him just email me at LivingH20@aol.com and I’ll be happy send some.

  22. Adrienne Says:

    I just got a schweenie I adopted from the animal shelter.. he is sooo adorable and easy to train… he’s a mini dach and shih tzu.. don’t know which was mom and which was dad.. but who cares! I just love him to pieces… if you want to see some pics, please email me.. I don’t know how to post them as a website.. email me at bocabeani@aol.com and I will gladly send you the pics of my adorable Rocky!

  23. Neruda's owner Says:

    Hey. I just got a half-shih tzu and half daschund mix and i am looking for pictures. She is adorable and I got her almost fully potty trained in a week with no spanking or anything like that. lol but everyone thinks their puppy is a genius =) I would love pictures. I want her to have sort of curly hair, but I am not seeing it, so I don’t know if that will happen or not. She is about 7 weeks and its mostly short.

  24. Mary Anne Says:

    I have a short-legged huskey which is a daschund-huskey mix. I have some photos; for anyone who is interested, just send me your email and I will email you the pictures as attachments. I had Bayers photo taken yesterday by the local photographer. He has thick fur like a huskey and short legs like a weiner dog.

  25. Ashleigh Says:

    I have the most beautiful baby girl in the world. Her name is Isabelle and she is a shih tzu/daschund mix. She is absolutely amazing. I’d love to see other Sweeney’s like my Isabelle, so please feel free to send me them :)

  26. Lorraine Says:

    Hi there.. I just got my Schweenie yesterday. He is 1 and half months old. He has hair like shih tzu that he got from her mother and face like daschund. I would like to see others pic too!!!

  27. Brian Says:

    Hi there! My wife had a “schweenie” girl, Diddo, for 18 years. She just passed away a year ago, and my wife recently saw another dachshund/shih tzu mix, and we’d love to find another puppy / dog like Diddo Girl to love. If anyone out there knows of this kind of puppy or even an adult dog who needs a good home, drop me a line at flanagan_b at hotmail.com. We’re located in the Kansas City area, but we would consider traveling to meet the right doggie.

  28. Nicole Says:

    I have an 8 week old puppy we got from a shelter. We were told that the dad is a long haired dachshund and the mom is a shih tzu/lhasa apso mix. I would love to see pics of other puppies/dogs of this type of mix! Please email me at nsier152@uwsp.edu if you’d like to swap some photos

  29. lorna fielding Says:

    Hi, I have a dacshund shih tzu cross, his dad was a tan short hair dacshund and his mum was a black shih tzu. He is called Jet and is now a year old, he has a shiny black longish coat with a dacshund body and ears and tail but has longer legs than a dacshund. He is a gorgeous friendly dog and loves everyone.

  30. Sammanthaa Says:

    My shih tzu is giving birth as i type this. The puppies are going to be schweenies. and i am very ecstatic. The dad is a long hair min dachshund and is the craziest dog in the world!! I would love for people to send me pictures of other schweenies! right now, i have two boys, one girl, and she just had another one, but, i haven’t checked yet! Please send me pics, samanthaa.leighh@hotmail.com

  31. Sam Says:

    We have a Shih Tzu Dachshund mix named max. He is absolutely the most adorable dog on the planet and we love him to pieces. His mother was a shih tzu, but she was a little taller than the average female shih tzu. His father was a short haired Dachshund, brown in color. The litter of puppies varied; there were one or two females that had soft, fluffy hair while the rest of the litter (male and female) had medium length hair that varied in courseness. Almost all of them were white with brown spots, the rest being sand colored. Out of any puppies I have ever seen, those were by far the cutest. I have several pictures of our dog, who is now about a year in age. For pictures, you may send an email to iluvdux09@hotmail.com :)

  32. matt Says:

    i have a two year old shweenie her name is zoey and she is the cutest dog ever she loves to play and she looks like chubacca only smaller lolz

  33. Elise Says:

    Hey Everyone! In March my husband was at the store and some guy was selling puppies. He told my husband they were Shih-tzu/poodle mix so he bought her for me. Well when my Pooka turned about 3 months she started to get really long and she doesn’t have any type of poodle features so the vet said she may be a “Shweenie.” I can’t find much pictures or anything online. Please email me at Cegonzalez237@yahoo.com if you want to swap pictures. I want to see if my Pooka looks like anyone’s dog.

  34. tawni Says:

    aww our little daschund i about to have a litter of daschund shih tzu ‘s and i can wait to see them, if they will have fluffy hair, or short noses, long bodys ohh it is so funny just to think about .

  35. mimi Says:

    i have a daschung half shihzhu. she is a smart, bright dog whose the love of all our lives. she is adorable!!!! we call her a shi-shund!

  36. Berne Says:

    Glad to find people who have similar crosses. Mine’s “Fudgy.” 4 month old as of writing. Dad’s shih tzu while mom’s dachshund. Pix sample at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1046896&id=542136377&l=b761f Most of the time though he’s in an air-conditioned room inasmuch as the Philippines is a tropical country and he gets to be uncomfortable with the heat. :-P

  37. Tammy Conard Says:

    I have a shcweenie, his mother is a shih-tzu and his father is a dachshund, his name is Buster, he is 10 months old, he is the king of the family, he has the shih-tzus ears, hair and tail, and the dachshund long body, long nose and short legs, he is the best dog anyone would want
    Thank you for the chanch to tell everyone how cool a shcweenie is


  38. Shanon Says:

    Wow im so happy i found this site! i have a female bishion / shih tzu mix and a male mini dachshund and the puppies are due anyday now! I have been going nuts trying to figure out what they are going to look like! So thank you all for sharing your pics!!

  39. Cris Talpes Says:

    I have a schweenie mix to. his dad is a Shitzu and his mom is a minature Dachshund. He is very cute he is only 1 years old and i like to breed him with another schweenie. if anyone out there would like to give me an email. also the catch is we can sell the puppies because i dont have papers for him. i just want another male out of the litter. my dog is brown and white on his belly and around his neck and brown and black brindal on his back.

  40. Melissa Says:

    Here is my Shcweenie Mia she is AMAZING! She has the nicest personality and is cute as can be!

  41. Rebecca O Says:

    This page is AWESOME!!! I have a shih tzu/daschund mix too! Coco Marie is 4 months old and is super energetic. She is long with black, black hair. Her legs are short but don’t let them fool you. I think she was a cat in her previous life because she likes to climb and jump on everything. I have not been able to find out anything about this mix. If there is any information that anyone can give me I would greatly appreciate it. My email is omega2409@yahoo.com. If anyone has pictures or knows what these cute little funny dogs will grow to look like, i would love to see pictures!

  42. Liz Says:

    I also have a schweenie that is 4 years old. His name is Rocco and mostly resembles a daschund but the fur on his legs is definately Shih_Tsu and doesn’t shed where his body does. He has a strong personality and is very smart and easy to train. He can perform many tricks. He is great company!

  43. Melanie Says:

    We just had a litter! They are precious! The boys look more like a Shih Tzu. The sweet girl looks like a mini dach. Let me know if your interested!

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