For the Love of Buster: Pet Insurance and Peace of Mind

Many will derive great joy from owning a pet this year. Some will receive a pet as a gift, others will say farewell to an old friend. The common theme amongst these pet owners is an uncommon companionship with their chosen pet.

More than half of all homes have at least one pet and many are beginning to realise that there are new choices and considerations that appear in the form of pet insurance. It’s true that whilst some may feel this is a frivolous notion, as expenses continue to rise in all aspects of finances, the insuring of pets has become a more common incident.

Pet insurance has become a comprehensive and meaningful way to manage the long term care of trusted pets. For as little as £3-5 per month, a variety of UK based pet insurers provide a selection of schemes that offer the best overall coverage when enacted when a pet is newly born. Further, the British Small Animal Veterinarian Association is an advocate for the overriding principle of pet health insurance to both its members as well as its clients.

Some of the benefits of pet health insurance include the following:

– A full third of all pets will require veterinarian aid this year.
– Pet care needn’t be second guessed with a policy enforce.
– Many companies specialize in pet insurance so they are well versed in the unique needs of pet owners.
– Most policies will include liability coverage in the event that your pet damages property or injures someone.
– Policies are generally available for all breeds.
– Pet policies are commonly available for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.
– Pets with a pre-existing condition are often accepted for coverage with the exception of the noted condition.
– Many policy providers include bereavement counselling should policy holder’s pets die when the policy is in effect.
– A variety of payment methods are available.

Pets are often seen as more than simple companions. It is a series of unique partnerships between owner and pet that make pet insurance an easy choice for many.

Did You Know?

– In recent studies, the longevity of heart attack survivors increased six times when the survivor had a well-loved pet at home.
– The physical well being of pet owners is often higher because of the felt need to take their pet for a walk.
– For unexplained reasons pet owners seem to have lower cholesterol than non-pet owners.
– Pets can often predict health issues such as seizure, low blood sugar and cancer for their owners.
– Whilst there is no typical vet bill, some procedures can cost as much as £1,500.

In many homes, in many neighbourhoods, pets are viewed as a member of the families they live with.

More than Companionship

– Pet owners seem to have a greater level of confidence in their personal safety. With a pet in the home most believe they are less likely to be a victim of crime.
– Many grieving adults avoid depression when they have a pet to interact with.
– Elderly neighbours and family members realise that a pet can give them a sense of purpose and a greater chance at longevity of life.

The reasons for the purchase of pet insurance, the complexity of policy choice, and a satisfied customer base have allowed the accelerated purchase of such policies.

Should you choose a pet insurance policy be sure to ask many questions about policy coverage and costs. Fully explain your needs to the insurer to make certain that you are comfortable with the policy choice and that your pet will be well cared for in the event of sickness or injury.


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2 Responses to “For the Love of Buster: Pet Insurance and Peace of Mind”

  1. romi matsushita Says:

    I totally agree that it’s a no brainer that people, especially older people have a greater sense of well being if they have a well loved pet around them. This translates to fewer health problems over time, because of an increased sense of well being that comes from the companionship of a pet. Just goes to show that stress is indeed a life shortening factor in people’s health.

  2. erin Says:

    Until recently, I worked at an emergency animal clinic as a receptionist. Seeing so many people completely unprepared for the cost of an emergency drove me to get insurance for all my pets. Most people don’t realize how little it costs, and how much it will pay off if they ever need to use it.

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