Which Pet Is The Right One For You?

Pets offer many benefits to humans. Psychologists recommend pets to help a person overcome his depression. Pets have become guides for blind men. There have been stories of pets saving their masters from the claws of death. And having pets will help a child develop a sense of responsibility.

When you think of getting a pet, the first thing that comes to mind is a dog. But the dog is not the only animal that has been domesticated to become pets. In fact, a parent or guardian must not automatically get a dog when a child requests for a pet. A dog may not be the best choice of pet for the child or for the family.

Dogs require a lot of attention and training. Having a dog is just like having an additional family member. The dog must be taught how to behave and how to respond to human commands. The dog must be regularly brought to the vet and must be groomed properly. And the dog must have its exercise. If you are willing and able to provide all these to a pet dog, then you will certainly enjoy the priceless rewards of having an extremely loyal companion. Many dogs are sensitive to the moods of their masters and they know when to sympathetically curl at its master’s feet.

Cats, on the other hand, need less training. A cat owner need not worry about giving the cat enough exercise or helping the cat in its grooming. Cats take care of its own grooming and its exercise. But cats she a lot of hair which may not be healthy for the younger members of the family. Although some cats can be taught to do tricks, these pets are not as perceptive as dogs. In fact, cats like to be independent.

Fishes as pets needed very little work. Many people who live in cramped studios in metropolitan areas do not have enough space for a dog or a cat. Thus fish is a good choice. Fishes moving in the water have been known to sooth a person watching them. All the owner needs to do is to sprinkle the right kind and amount of food. And, depending on the size of the aquarium and the number of fishes, the water must be completely changed. The owner may also opt for an aerator.

Other pets may be rabbits and birds. Some people may go for the more exotic kinds, such as turtles and lizards. Whichever pet a person finally chooses, he must be aware of how exactly to take care of them. He should also be aware of what to expect from the pet. For example, a pet owner cannot play chase and catch with a rabbit.

Choosing the right kind of pet is important so that both the owner and the pet will be happy living together.

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