Holistic Health and Pet Medicines

In today’s developing medical society, when an ailment is detected, people immediately look for new and better method of getting a remedy themselves. The Medical profession is likewise doing its part in seeking for better ways to find a treatment through the help of laser surgery, recovery period are much faster, and the process itself is safer.

The natural approach to the healing process is a trend that has recently caught the world by storm. We are finding out that many of the ancient remedies used long ago are truly effective and provides options for maintaining one’s health. Common colds and cancer are being treated by using holistic approaches.

Have you ever consulted your vet because of a skin problem? Cephalexin is a prescription yhat you might have bought as well. Nausea and other bacterial infections are treated by the drug Cimedine, also known as Tagament. Diphenhydramine or Benadryl is being offered to people suffering from anxiety. Later on, we will find out that holistic methods perform very well with humans and pets as well.

Is your cat suffering from hairball problem? or your dog might be feeling constipated? Have you tried getting a remedy using olive oil? Taking olive oil for a few days might be able to ensure a healthy pet.

Well, how about infections from a bite or a cut? Beta-Carotine is transformed to Vitamin A in the animals system and has no side effect. Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant that helps boost the immunse system, but stays with Beta-Carotine, Using Vitamin A can be fatal when taken in large doses.

Ever heard of Glucosime Chondroitin? Well, the medicine is not only used by humans but for our pets as well. Glucosime Chondroitin cures stiffness in the joints or arthritis of pets. Urinary tract or bladder infection is cured by the Cranberry Juice trick.

Nasty side effects goes hand in hand with natural methods together with traditional medicines if misguided. Check out everything first before committing to try holistic medicine on your pets. Consult your vet, explore holistic books and web sites. The advancements in the holistic method has provided an option to people as well as pets to live a longer, healthy and happy life.

Science is a never-ending process. As we count the days, more methods of treating animals are being discovered and developed. But one thing is for certain, holistic healing is here to stay.

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  1. joan Says:

    What strength of Glucosime Chondroitin for an 80 lb yellow lab?
    People or Pet pills? Thanks , Joan
    Jan 22, 2007

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