We love you Otis

Sadly Otis passed away yesterday. He was a beautiful Australian Shepherd cross adopted from the SPCA and never before have I met a dog with such a level of kindness, heart warming affection and the need to make sure everyone is okay.

We’ll always remember his stubby tail wagging with joy, his fluffy bum, the chunk missing from his ear, the way he literally would jump for joy and the way he’d be the first one in the car on any journey for fear of being left behind, his singing when he thought he’d reached the park, and the way he’d let no hand lay idle when there was petting to be done.

He’s already left a message for us in a video from the David Letterman show saying “I love you” and he’s not the first pet to do so. We remember feeling Smokey Joe still jump on the bed and Sandy the Irish Terrier / Lab cross who would still rattle the door to be let in even though when you looked there was no-one there.

Does anyone else have pets that like to remind them that they’re still with us?

Please send your love and prayers to Marlie who is missing her dog.

3 Responses to “We love you Otis”

  1. Mike Says:

    How old was Otis? Sorry to hear this.

  2. Chris Andrews Says:

    Thanks Mike. He was just 8 years old.

  3. Colleen Says:

    Hello Chris,

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved dog, Otis. I love all animals, it makes me so sad when they pass.

    Please send my condolences to Marlie as well.


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