Have you got a pet named after another animal?

Yes, it sounds daft, but we’re trying to think of occasions were people name their pets after another animal. We personally know a cat named Mole and have met a German Shepherd called Muppet (okay, not strictly an animal!). Only last week we met a baby Jack Russell called Beaver and very cute he was too.

So, does anyone know of any animals named oddly this way? Do you have a cat named rabbit or a fish name budgie? Please leave your answers in the comments box below!

52 Responses to “Have you got a pet named after another animal?”

  1. harry Says:

    Yeah, i had a cat called mouse. Great huh? My other cat was called BlackPuss. We had serious imagination problems. My dog was named after an Irish Brewery (Beamish) and the other dog is called Nipper. Hes the only one still alive. Make of that what you will…

  2. eat music Says:

    oh i had a neighbour who had a dog named tiger and a cat named squirrel. must suffer some sort of identity crisis.hehe.

  3. David Says:

    One of my good friends has a cat named Lassie. Does that count?

  4. Tim Says:

    My Friend has a Dog named BEAR

  5. Raf Says:

    I’ve named my cat “Beer” (not an animall… but hey…)

  6. bob o Says:

    I had a cat called pidgeon, she died a couple of years ago, however, my use of the word pidgeon now refers to all cats, and even some of my friends have started calling cats pidgeons.

  7. ray Says:

    my friend named his hedgehog turtle

  8. chipz Says:

    I had a hamster called Squirrel. And she bit like one too…. the bitch.

  9. shandi Says:

    Had a friend who wanted a pet duck so bad that he went out and bought a cat and named him ducky

  10. chigwellchick Says:

    I have a German Shepherd called Yogi (bear!). He’s just like a big cuddly bear, and gentle like Yogi bear too! I should get a smaller dog and call it Boo boo.

  11. Daffy Says:

    Another mouse here

  12. Lil Devil Says:

    An friend of mine got a cat called puppy.. cos his son wanted a dog!!!!

  13. sathanas Says:

    I had a ferret called Bear, and then his son was called Grizzly.

  14. Sczee Says:

    My family has a cat named Bunny (we got her at easter)

  15. Hans Says:

    Our cat is named Sr. Gato

  16. ratboy 'lonely male' Says:

    got cats, one called ‘monkey’ tuther ‘fergal sharkey’

  17. ben Says:

    my friend has a cat called Moo… its gotta be one of the most F’d up cats i know. It doesnt know how to pur… it kind moos like a cow hence its name :p

  18. Solarswordsman Says:

    My dog’s name is Nala. o.O Does that count? >_>

  19. sixus Says:

    my auntie in-laws pet chihuahua is called rabbit, very strange. very strange indeed

  20. Maple Says:

    I have a good friend who owns a hamster. The hamster’s name is ‘Panda’… =D

  21. rob Says:

    My cat’s also called monkey ‘cos she sounds and acts like one

  22. Dave Says:

    Grin, I have two cats, the older one is named panther, the younger bear – both mighty hansome black cats. Panther was named when i got him, and bear fit in my pocket and had to be bottle fed for weeks. 2 Fine Animals !

  23. rory Says:

    I once had a fish named turkey, i got him on thanksgiving. Creative eh *sarcasm*

  24. kalabu Says:

    I named my dog Gizmo from gremlins…looked like the furry little devil :) didn’t have any big issues w/ water, thank god!

  25. click Says:

    I’ve got a fluffy white labradoodle puppy my mother named Bundy after the bear on the Bundaberg Rum ad.

  26. revdirty Says:

    I have a rat named kitty

  27. Martin Says:

    Our cats called Sooty but hes nicknamed timmy cos he acts like a retard

  28. steven Says:

    my cousin has a sheep named goat. she was like 3 when she named it though.

  29. Zombiefreak Says:

    my dog is named Munky. He’s named after the guitarist in Korn (hence, the “U” instead of an “O” ).

  30. hayesthetic Says:

    I named my friend’s cat Tuna.

  31. Devin Says:

    I named my cat Horse the Cat, after the band Horse the Band.

  32. jmbb Says:

    i have a ferret named cat, another named dog and a cat named crippy

  33. H of Brockers Says:

    I have a cat called Squirrel. I have also, in the past, had a budgie called Moth and a fish named, by my friends, Edgar the Bat the Fish. (This was related to a singer called Tom the Tenor, who swopped to singing Bass and was therefore Tom the Tenor the Bass (I’m a singer)…..)

  34. Dano Says:

    I have a cat named ‘Fish’ alias Fish Kitty, Big Fat, Fishakitta, Big Texas, Fat T,
    Big Fat Fish Kitty, FSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAKita, Feekee, ‘E’, Mr. Fish, Mr. T, Mr. E Kitta and is living his 19th year in Ware, Massachusetts-USA. He came to us one summer day. He was sitting on our front steps and we noticed someone had cut his whiskers off so we took him in for the day…19 years ago.
    Doing fine…Loves treats and does not take crap from any dogs!

  35. Sally Hurford Says:

    We have a 18 month old black lab/bordie collie mix called Monkey. Causes a few raised eyebrows when you call him at the beach but suits his naughty nature.

  36. kawl Says:

    i have a 22lb b&w cat named Chickens.

  37. Barbarella Says:

    I have a cat called Spider – one half of the infamous “Star Cats” (Lugosi is the other tabby twin).


  38. John Says:

    I have a pit bull/chow mix named Kitty. When I got her, I could not get her to answer to any names I came up with for her. Once day she took off running down the alley and I yelled out for her in a screeching voice, “HERE….. KITTY KITTY KITTY, HERE…..KITTY KITTY KITTY and she stopped, turned around and ran to me with surprising enthusiasm.

    From that day forward, here name was Kitty.

  39. Pam & Rick Says:

    We have a cat named “The Rat.” We tried to name her “Lily,” but it just didn’t fit-she’s definitely a “Rat.”

  40. Josh Says:

    I had a cat named “Damnit” when I was young. Just imagine the neighboors…” Come here damnit…” hahaha Funny!

  41. ZaG Says:

    i have a rot-mastif mixed with black lab dog named monster, but his nickname is Horse, and sometimes we also call him goat. he responds to all of them.

  42. rrredheaddd Says:

    I have a 20 pound cat named “Ox”…and another small cat that we just call “kitty”. No name really suited him, and he ignored every name we tried calling him except for “Kitty”.

  43. becca Says:

    I have a kitten named Panda. He’s black and white. (even his face is black and white) so it really kind of fits.

  44. George Says:

    Got a dog named “Kitty” because when she was a puppy, she would come when we called the cat, so the name stuck!

  45. Chris Andrews Says:

    You’ve all got excellently named pets! I never expected such a response to this page :)

  46. kevin Says:

    I named my dog Damnit..

  47. bulldog Says:

    i have a lovely american bulldog called no name ! Original or what hey

  48. Linda Says:

    We have a beautiful white cat we named Ducky, everyone laughs at us but somehow it suits her!

  49. lauren Says:

    I have a cat called Duck. She’s a cream and brown tabby but as a kittn her cream bits looked yellow. I came down one morning half a sleep and wondered what a baby duck was doing on my kitchen floor. it stuck much to everyone else’s dismay. She was previously called Tinkerbell. I now call her “duckypooh’s” most of the time after count duckula if anyone remembers that?

  50. Julia Says:

    Yes we have a cat called mouse, When I first went to see him when he was a kitchen he was tiny with very big ears and a long tail and looked just like a mouse. The funny thing was the animal protection staff had called him panda, because of his two black eyes. So he has been named after two different animals.

  51. ANNI Says:

    May be a bit late with this one……..
    But we have a cat called fish, a dog called mouse and a chicken called llama……. wait until we get our sheep next year…….

  52. Snickelfritz Says:

    I have a black cat named Chicken :)

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