Clean up after your bloody dog!

I got back into the car earlier. *sniff sniff sniff* “what’s that?” *sniff sniff sniff* GAH! Dog crap all over my shoe and now the inside of my car.

If you can’t be bothered to clean up after your dog then you shouldn’t be allowed to have one. Simple as that. Really. Do you know what the irony was? I’d just been walking my dog during a break on a long car journey!

Come on! It’s not that hard and it’s damn irresponsible not to. There’s even small plastic devices now to slip a bag over and pick up the poo for you so you don’t even have to feel the poo through you bag. They’re not expensive! You can get them in most supermarkets.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if you actually fed your poor beast properly. That way there’d be firm stools that aren’t such a mess (and you’d probably not be such a wuss about picking up). That’s right, FIRM stools. Not that hideous smelling mushy mess that fido expells. The poor thing.

I feel sorry for the dog, if it’s making that sort of mess then it isn’t well.

There’s one thing I hate ALMOST as much as people not picking up doggy doos and that is the people that pick up the poo in a bag AND THEN HANG IT FROM A NEARBY TREE?!? Come on! What’s the point in that!!!

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  1. Cock Macho Says:

    i’m not touching or currying feces. do i look like some sort of manservant?
    if shitting in public areas is good enough for the racoons and homeless, it’s good enough for my dog. all canines are omnivours, therefore i will continue to feed mine cabbage, apple sauce, and general tso’s chicken. he loves it! you sir, are a psycho and have no say in my dogs diet. who goes around the web and posts rants on feces anyway? people like you are the problem. watch where you are walking and mind your own damn business. regardless, if you are not stepping in shit for real you are doing so metaphorically by posting such embarrassing statements.

  2. Cock Macho is a Crazy ASS! Says:

    Clean up after your dog you lazy bastard! I don’t like to step in crap either. And keep feeding you dog all those fried foods. Hopefully you will give it a heartattack and I won’t have to worry about stepping in General Tso Poo.

  3. Ian Blunt Says:

    Cock Macho – sorry, you just made the idiot list ! Racoons are WILD animals, and thr Homeless, well comparing them to an animal… come on. DOGS are a domestic pet, and YOU have a choice as to where the animal poops. It is YOUR responsibility to clean it up – in my part of the world you can be fined heavily for letting your dog poop in public places. It’s the law, enough said.
    Having said all that – one of the funniest things I ever saw was a skate boarder going through a pile of dog turd – hilarious !

  4. Cock Macho Says:

    I refuse to touch feces and I am the idiot?! You sir are out of your damn mind. Where is this “idiot list” and who created it? I would like to see it. Or, is this just a trendy catch phrase that you picked up on some reality TV show? I have a Great Dane. Have you ever seen a Great Dane take a dump? It’s like a horse…but indeed, far more wretched. Typically, I walk him at night and allow him to excrete around the retirement community. Nothing quite peppers a golf course like a steaming pile of Post-Dane!
    Regardless, since his diet consists of mostly sulphurus fruits and addition to left over Chinese..there isn’t much to “pick up”.. God forbid I had to remove it, I would probably require a shop-vac. “It’s the law, enough said.” are too funny. :) BTW, I didn’t compare the homeless to animals. I have FAR more respect for animals.

  5. Eve Ford Says:

    Oh dear, you’re the type of dog owner who loves the pet, without taking responsibility for it completely. If you don’t want to clear it up – DO NOT OWN A DOG. Let it go to the toilet on YOUR property, not anyone elses ! Being as inconsiderate as you are does not give you the right to let your dog foul wherever YOU please.

  6. Shane Says:

    Although I think that CockMachos comments are not very nice, I think he is just joking. I can personally see the funny side of the bitchy old lady who lives down my street walking out into the street to practice her bitchiness but unfortunately landing in a big pile of dog excrement! This sort of scenario is something we see on TV in a comic moment. Think about “The ‘Burbs” for one example. I think that this is just an example of that which wouldn’t be done by the virtual-egocentric CockMacho.

  7. unibonger Says:

    i think it should be picked up, but its also not that hard to NOT step in dog shit…its a pile of brown on the sidewalk/street/grass its very obvious, and if its on my lawn i will beat the shit out of the owner, and take the dog to a better home.

  8. raiye Says:

    my daughter was playing in the park and slipped in dog feaces. a parasite in the feaces has now left her completely blind in one eye. we’ve always had a dog in the house andnothing like this has ever happened. one inconsiderate lazy ass fool has ruined her life for ever. gee thanx!!

  9. Cock Macho Says:

    from the eye that stinks into the eye that blinks! indeed, that can happen but it’s very very rare. sorry to hear about the shiteye. i digress, it’s not ordinary feces that does this. it is a shrewd dog owner who has not gotten the beast its shots. perhaps the feces came from a jackal?

    i bid you fair warning. your tale of misfortune will not deter me or my canine companion from leaving robust dumps. behold! they are to be marveled and feared!

  10. Babydoc Says:

    “raiye Says:
    January 24th, 2006 at 1:26 pm

    my daughter was playing in the park and slipped in dog feaces. a parasite in the feaces has now left her completely blind in one eye. we’ve always had a dog in the house andnothing like this has ever happened. one inconsiderate lazy ass fool has ruined her life for ever. gee thanx!!”

    So what you are saying is that because your daughter didn’t keep an eye out for those parasitic feces she now has an eye out? A lesson we can all learn from.

  11. Clover Says:

    I come from Singapore, and dog owners like me are also encouraged to pick up after our dogs. I’ve learnt to do it as I want to help keep my community clean too. :) So now, I always walk my dog armed with a small bag that is filled with 2 plastic bags, paper towels, tissue and an alcohol disinfectant for hands. My dog also gets her feet washed when she comes home.

    Basically, clean is good and dirty is bad. Doesn’t everyone want that in their environment? I believe so. And raiye, I feel very sorry for what happened to your daughter.

  12. Cock Macho Says:

    Clover, you have way too much time on your hands.

    Your post makes me want to buy a horse with irritable bowel syndrome and move to Singapore.

  13. Caffiene Addict Says:

    I own two dogs and always, but ALWAYS clean up after them both. Nothing irritates me more than standing in SOMEONE ELSES dog-shit! And as for it being so damn easy to “not” step in dog feces Unibonger-when I’m out walking in my local country side there are so many beautiful things to see, rarely do I spend my time starring at the ground (who does?!) when walking incase ignorant and irresponsible owners have choosen to ignore their dogs behavior.

    In the country-side I don’t think the law bodes the same as public places for picking up after your animal(s) however, you can guarantee the laws of karma would have me step in it on my next visit if I did not pick-up after my pets-plus who wants to see that when their out enjoying a walk, and don’t we ALL know from a young age how dangerous dog feces can be to young children-Can you live with the risk? Raiye, I can not even imagine your anger and upset at your daughters loss of sight in one eye which COULD have so easily been prevented.

    Now Cock-head, sorry, Cock Macho (you wish!)…firstly how old are you darling? Coz, wow!!!-you come across as young! Your lack of understanding for Raiye coupled with your arrogant attitude-I hope the laws of Karma catch up with you big-time – How we’d all love to be there when you slip and land mouth first in your “Post-Dane ” S.H.I.T!!

  14. Caffiene Addict Says:

    i know who you are, i know where you live and im going to kill you NICOLE!

  15. DIRTY DOG Says:

    hello caffiene addict,who is nicole? you may be a good dog owner but threatening people can get you in trouble with the police.
    anyway i may come and kill your dogs if i wish! you pshco .

  16. DIRTY DOG Says:

    atually im going to kill you and your dogs phycho caffene addict,i have traced your computer and i have narrowed it down to the small village of bovingdon,
    tick tick tick tick tick………………

  17. DIRTY DOG Says:

    Hi Everyone
    Please do accept my appoligies for the msg saying “I am going to kill you Nicole” – I AM NICOLE & my friend thought it amusing to write a msg to me so that I would think someone was out to kill me in reply to my other lenghty comment, which I wrote and stand by!!! – Obviously the **** didn’t think far ahead enough to realise MY name would be displayed as the sender. So back off ppl (!) P.S Dirty Dog why do you say “threatening ppl will get you into trouble with the police” then go on to say “I will kill your dogs”…Wake up contradiction! PPS – B.R.I.N.G I.T O.N!

    Seriously, Happy New Year to you all…even you Dirty Dog ;)

  18. DIRTY DOG Says:

    hello everyone i do think NICOLE should lighten up and not take everything sooo seriously,NICOLE you are always in a mood so why dont you give us all a break and CHILL OUT!!!!!

  19. Lab Guy Says:

    I have always cleared up my dogs crap, although I once didn’t because I was with my mate, and am now ashamed of what I did. :-(

  20. Boosy Says:

    The guy above Cock macho, not cool comparing the dogs to homeless, sadly you are most likely not a person of color. None the less, this pooop problem is a huge problem. i also blogged about it but have not recieved any comments.. Sad.. I beleieve we need to re educate people with pets.

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