Pet Insurance can save you money

Owning a pet can be a costly affair, especially when medical bills are taken into account. Having your pet involved in an accident harming itself or someone else is traumatic enough …and that’s before any costly vet or legal fees are involved. Dan from has the following to say on the matter:

Tips to try to lower the cost of keeping a cat or dog have been written about by Good Housekeeping.

Although the suggestions find ways to make keeping a pet slightly less-expensive, the need for pet insurance is evident from unavoidable costs such as vet bills.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, things such as making sure that up to date records are kept, and that any necessary vaccinations are given, are necessary to avoid greater costs at a later date.

Another pointer from the magazine is to try to get a second opinion from another vet, as although costly in the shorter term, may not prove as expensive as possible inappropriate costly treatment may be.

Direct purchases from vets are also advised against, as goods such as food and other pet-care products could have a mark-up of up to 200 per cent.

The magazine instead urges people to buy from pet discount stores, where goods can be bought in bulk.

But despite all the money saving measures possible, pet insurance can offer a long-term financially sound solution, with a potential saving of thousands.

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