Ollie the Border Collie after just one week.

We decided on Ollie as the name of our Border Collie and he’s a wonderful addition to the family. Training seems to be going well, he sits and lays down when we want him to and staying and fetching is progessing well. His toilet training is either excellent or he goes at random, but we put that down to us ignoring his the signals he gives out (like sitting at the door or licking his privates) or down to being overexcited. The only thing we’ve not curbed is his mouthing, but part of that has to be to do with him teething – so he’s easily pacified with a dog chew.

We’re sure that he’s growing by the minute, he seemed so tiny when we picked him up. But he’s bigger by the day.

Browsing around the net I’ve found some interesting pages, such as the suggestion that Snoopy was a Border Collie and not a Beagle at all. I’ve got to say that even at 10 weeks old I can see what they’re talking about!

Also for those with no taste at all, there’s is the god awful Collie Clock. Damn, that’s in the worst granny taste I’ve seen in a long time! “The Border Collie Clock is sure to be admired by everyone who see’s it”. Apparently.

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