What to do with a parrot with a runny nose.

At first I chuckled when I saw people had been visiting this site looking for information about a parrot with a runny nose, but it is a problem not to be sniffed at, especially for poor Polly. I’ve done a little research so people won’t go away from this page empty handed.

Initially the problem would seem to be obvious, the bird is having an allergic reaction to something in the house. It could be anything from the washing powder you use, to the cleaners and polishers you spray on the furniture and carpets or even that expensive perfume you love. Further to this it is essential to have really good general hygiene and cleanliness routines.

But if you’re tried to sort out all those things then its necessary to look further. If possible you should book himan appointment with an avian vet – one that specialises in birds.

One of the two most likely causes for the parrot’s runny nose problem would be a deficiency in vitamin A. Your vet can set the parrot on the road to repair with a Vitamin A injection and you can do you part by increasing the foods in his diet that are high in this nutrient such a broccoli. A varied, well balanced diet, including lots of fresh veggies, some fruit, sprouts, whole grains, legumes, natural pellets and some seed will help build a strong immune system.

The other, and according to the Association of Avian Veterinarians, most common cause for your parrots runny nose would be a bacterial infection. In this case testing is necessary by your vet to identify which type of bacteria and the best cause of action to treat it. Most likely your pet will be given a course of anti-biotics, so like before a well balanced diet will be essential to keep him strong.

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  1. Jon Alan Says:

    I appreciate this form of information sharing about topics. My sweet yellow-naped amazon, Ms. Boppity-Birdy, has had three incidents of runny nose in the past four to five months, and this 15 or so year old dear friend has such a sunny disposition that has not changed, So I don’t know what to do. I think some broccolie every night – she loves broccolie – might help, but if necessary I’ll go to the vet. Thanks for the input – this is a nice website.
    Your Friend
    Jon Alan

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